NEW MOON (cedar saffron)
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NEW MOON (cedar saffron)

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New Moon bath salts are made using Black Sea salt, pink Himalayan salt, epsom salt and rose petals, scented with cedar infused with Smokey scents, eastern spice and a touch of musk.

 Each jar comes with a rose quartz chip.  The new moon is a perfect time to set intentions for new beginnings in relationships, jobs, ect.  Drop a handful of salt into the water with an intention and enjoy! ( May leave a light ring in tub)

9.5 ounces

Bath Salts are perfect for soothing aching muscles! Add to your bath when you have over done it in the garden, gym or you just feel tired and achy.  

Deep Sleep is a benefit of these salts as well.  Have trouble sleeping give one of these a try.

Restless legs the magnesium in these salts really helps that creepy,restless feeling!! 

Use 1/4-1/2 cup per bath and you will enjoy 6-12 baths. 

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