2019~ GODDESS INDULGE BOX~ one box Pick up at Store

 You will receive the April scheduled box and pick it up at the store on April 10!

What nourishes your soul? What fills your cup to over-flowing, and how often do you go to this well-spring of nourishment and sip deeply? If we do not fill our own cups with loving self-care, then it is difficult to nourish ourselves and we find ourselves unhappy, sad or exhausted. The Spa Bath Box is an easy way to begin good loving self-care each box you will receive tools, wisdom's and my handcrafted bath products that will unleash the sacred feminine and awaken the confidence of your authentic self.  Take this spiritual journey with my Spa Bath Box and unleash your Divine feminine and follow the path to a happy self.

each box is 38.95  choosing the yearly subscription you will be charged the month the box goes out.




Months: February, April, June, August, October & December

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