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INTRODUCING our new BEARD OIL line.   Sawyer is a woodsy scent that will bring out the mountain man in you.  Scented with Siberian fur/pine essential oil.

For the beard that wants to look great.  This combination is not greasy and really works on the health and shine of your beard. It is great for using on the dry skin under the beard as well.

Apply a pea size in your palm, rub into palms and apply to skin under beard first then work your way out.  This oil is a blend of Argan oil, Jojoba, Apricot kernel oil, Ivy extract and currently comes in four tantalizing essential oil blends. 


  • Tames your beard to make you more kissable

  • Keeps beards from tangling

  • Stops Beard Itch 

  • Stops dandruff

  • Tantalizing essential oil blends

  • Promotes Beard Growth


ingredients: argan oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, ivy extract, Siberian pine essential oil

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