'The wild woman is only intimidating to those who are not free.  She is a mirror of all you are or all you have yet to become.  She is a living invitation to your freedom"

The theme of this box is "LOVE HER BUT KEEP HER WILD" it is all about the Goddess energy that is awakening inside the Mother Earth, inside ourselves and feeling the loving vibration in every living being on the planet. 

This box will awakening your inner Goddess!  Filled with Goddess Sea salts, Magical Bomb, a few bars of soap that are infused with the January Lunar Eclipse energy!  Enjoy a Wild bar soap topped with flowers while you burn one of our candles.  We are including an altar candle and some burning sage.  This box is in the making and will probably have some other magical, wild spirited surprises as well.

Reserve yours today.  Limited quantity

When ordering, please order this separately, as a single item. 

$ 35.00

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