MENTAL BOOST~Shower Steamer
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MENTAL BOOST~Shower Steamer

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MENTAL BOOST- Shower Steamer

Do you have an exam to study for? Projects to work on and are feeling run down.  This steamer is the perfect aromatherapy for you.  These essential oils decompress your nervous system while uplifting your spirit and increasing your alertness and brain power!  Oh ya I need that!!

*Grapefruit essential oil will help you stay uplifted and positive

*Bergamot essential oil helps to dissipates any anxiety and clears away stress.

*Peppermint essential oil is up-lifting and removes negative thoughts



HOW TO USE: You should be able to get 3 showers out of each steamer.

Set steamer in shallow dish activate with water and set the dish on the shower’s floor.  When finished showering empty out the water in the dish and use again. You can get three showers out of one steamer. The more water you add to the shower steamer the faster it will dissolve and more of the scent will be released.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Citrus Acid, Essential Oil, Colorant


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