Pumpkin Skin Care

It is fall and time to indulge in everything pumpkin!



  Pumpkin contains enzymes and antioxidants that mimic alpha-hydroxy acids, naturally exfoliating your skin, reducing wrinkles, and giving you a glowing complexion.  This fruit (yes! pumpkin is a fruit!) is packed with vitamins that protect skin from free radical damage, wrinkles and even skin cancer.
Plus the many minerals found in pumpkin can help maintain collagen, fight acne, and promote skin renewal. 
Egg whites are high in collagen and vitamin A, firming skin and reducing signs of premature aging.
Honey is a powerful moisturizer containing vitamins B & C, minerals, and amino acids- key ingredients for nourishing your skin.

One of the things I loved to do most as a teenager was create facials with my mom, using things we found in the kitchen.  I did steams and masks, even hair treatments.  Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite fall facial treatments.  Everything you need is easily found or in your refrigerator and pantry.

I like to use the sugar pumpkins or any orange squash from my garden, but you can use canned pumpkin as long as it is just plain pumpkin and not the pie filling with all the other stuff in it.


I   egg white, whipped until foamy
3 Tablespoons pumpkin puree
1  teaspoon honey

Mix all ingredients together really well.  Apply to face and neck.
When the egg whites dry stiff on your skin, you know it is time to wash it off with warm water.
Apply Midnight Oil Soap's rejuvenation cream.

Your skin will feel soft, clean and renewed!


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