Our Goats

Meet the Goats at Midnight Oil Soap Company

Meet the Goats on Our Farm

Midnight Oil Soap Company has a resident herd of goats on our Walla Walla, WA farm. These frisky girls produce the goat milk used in our goat milk soap and body products.

From Kim Hedine, our founder and Chief Soap Alchemist, "Each goat in my herd is gently milked once a day. They are healthy and happy goats who are very spoiled.  It is very important to me to use 100% natural ingredients - no petroleum products or harmful, unnatural preservatives or ingredients. I have been studying medicinal herbs for 20 years and have incorporated an Herbal Apothecary line of products, adding many healing herbal infusions into my products. My goal is to provide a wonderful, all natural, handcrafted, healing alternative to what you find in today’s market."

Hand Milked

Each goat in our herd is gently milked once a day.

Spunky Ladies

It seems like each goat in our herd has her individual personality.

Avid Climbers

Goats love to climb and nothing is sacred! Even Mom.

Wait, Don't Go!

We goats are proud of our goat milk soap! Go check out what Kim makes with our fresh goat milk.