These products are my own herbal combination.

HEALING HERBAL LOTION:The lotion has really helped heal rocesea, eczema, psoriasis and with many excellent results.  The salve is an all purpose salve for itching, rashes, burns and wounds.

HEALING HERBAL SALVE: is great for wounds, burns and anything itchy

DRAWING SALVE: this is the healing herbal salve with activated charcoal and tea tree oil.  This salve pulls out infections, glass, slivers and is a great salve to have in your healing arsenal.  It is extremely messy and needs to be covered with a band-aid.

ROSE PETAL SALVE: I love this salve for scares and age spots and wrinkle care around eyes, neck and mouth.  also see "FACE LOTIONS"

GOT PAIN LINE: is an arnica infused line!  Really gives you hours of relief!!!

The Healing Nonscent Soap is recommended with the lotion. Also see "FACIAL SOAPS"