Stay Calm & Use our Anti-viral Soap

Welcome to the cold and flu season. 

Over the years we have had the Swine flu virus (S-OIV), Avian Flu -( H5N1), Zika Virus just to name a few.  The Corvid-19 is the latest in the viruses to be announced.  My personal opinion is Do Not Panic, just wash your hands and eats foods that support your immune system. (See below for a link on supporting immune system and acupunctur)e.

Here at Midnight Oil Soap we have a wonderful Anti-Viral Soap that is perfect for washing hands during the cold and flu season


Full of essential oils, butters and scrubbies.
  • Peppermint essential oil: Peppermint essential oil is among the most promising natural antiviral remedies. Plus peppermint lifts spirits

  • Rosemary essential Oil: Rosemary essential oil has proven to be an anti-viral and when used topically will kill viruses.

  •  FULL OF SCRUBBY: This soap is full of ground loofah, ground apricot seed, poppy seeds and ground oatmeal.  This is perfect for affectively exfoliating and cleaning skin.


  1. Wash hand after returning from public places
  2. Wipe down key boards and phones often
  3. Wet hands
  4. Wet Bar (Study by Dove showed that viruses, bacteria and germs are not survive on bar soap and do not transfer to person by using bar soap.)
  5. Roll bar in between palms until a nice lather happens
  6. Rub hands with lather, get between fingers and under nails roughly 30 seconds
  7. Rinse hands
  8. Dry on disposable paper towel
  9. COLD OR WARM WATER? either one works to remove dirt, germs and viruses.  Warm water REMOVES dirt easier. 
  10. See blog "HOW DOES SOAP CLEAN?"
**Use common sense and stay out of the fear based mind set!



    Here is a link to Thompson Family Acupuncture newsletter were she talks about boosting immune systems, and precautions.

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