LUSCIOUS LIPS THIS FALL

                                             Midnight Oil Soap


When the weather starts to change, so does the skin on our lips.  Extreme weather causes the skin on our lips to dry out and become chapped. Your lips have the same skin that is around your eyes, they have a thinner skin and are more sensitive then anywhere else on your face.  Lips have no oil glands so they need extra moisture.  By applying Midnight Oil Lip Balm 2 -3 times a day your lips will avoid chapping.

  • Our lip Balm is made with all natural ingredients that moisten, sooth and put a breathable barrier on your lips.  Our Lip Balm contains
  • AVOCADO OIL the benefits of this oil is that it is moisturizing, heavy oil that is rich in Vitamins B1, A, D, E, protein and minerals. Avocado oil is a fantastic emollient with skin soothing properties making it a great choice for use in lip balms. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids (at least 75%) it penetrates deeply so nutrients can enter the dermis of the skin. Softens dry, aging, or rough skin.  
  • APRICOT KERNEL OIL, a quick absorbing, light oil that is high in oleic and linoleic acids. Softening and moisturizing properties make it ideal for dry, sensitive lips. 
  • Organic COCONUT OIL a light, penetrating oil that is extremely moisturizing and helps create a protective barrier.



Conventional lip balm is full of petrolatum, synthetic wax, aluminum, parabens and  hydrogenated oils, artificial fragrance and color.  Snythetic ingredients do not moisturize  but are a perfect recipe for drying out thirsty lips. The above "ingredients" we do not really consider them ingredients  and who would wants to ingests any of them?  GROSS!


  • Lack of hydration...DRINK YOUR WATER!
  • Underlying health issues
  • Licking lips too much
  • Choosing wrong lip balm/chapstick


  • Apply our lip balm as soon as lips feel dry.
  • Drink your water.  Full plump lips are from hydration
  • Exfoliates lips with our Sugar Scrubby Squares
  • Apply our lip balm before adding color or tints to your lips.

We adore our lip balm and so will you! 

Full, lush and kissable lips are awaiting you!

Sudsily yours, Kim

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