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Selenite is one of my favorite stones to have in my healing tool box. A stone representing cleansing, purity, metal clarity and emotional renewal.

Not only does this stone dispel negative energy that collects on our energetic bodies, it also clears other stones of negative residue.  A great way to use this stone is to clear your jewellery, set your piece on the stone for 24 hours.  The coolest thing about this selenite is you never have to energetically clear it, like with other stones because it is self cleaning.( If you are feeling moved to clear your selenite, use only pray, smoke or incense because this stone is water soluble and can be damaged in water or salt).   Selenite rarely if ever needs to be cleared because of its unique ability to absorbs and purifies light energy. The way that selenite captures and radiates light is a mirrored on the metaphysical plane in the way it absorbs and purifies energy.

Selenite is perfect for those time in your life that you are experiencing great shifts, a re-set or a good aura cleaning. It is excellent at clearing and removing stagnant energy!!

How to use your Selenite heart from the GODDESS SPA BOX

1. Perfect for cutting cords of toxic people that are attached to you, or toxic/bad habits or places.  Think of using the selenite like a sponge, imagine it soaking up all the trapped emotions in your ethereal body, or like a sword cutting cord.

2. Place selenite over your third eye or heart chakra in times of stress to neutralize, absorb and purify strong emotions.

3. Tight muscles benefit from a good message.  Use the selenite as a tool to assist in removing energy blocks.

4. In times of troubled sleep or just a restless mind try holding the selenite and this will promote a calm, peaceful sleep.


Selenite is extremely soft stone, it is easily damaged and scratched by other stones.  So always keep it in a soft protective cloth.  Always treat with utmost care and respect.  Remember that selenite is indiscriminate in its cleansing abilities, it will drain the full moon charge right out of your quartz crystal.

Selenite is water soluble so do not bath with it!

Enjoy and explore your wild, beautiful authentic self!


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