How to Revitalize your Spirit with Sacred Baths


An average person spends a year and a half of their life in the bathroom. 66% of mothers will hide away in the bathroom to get a few moments of quiet, while 47% of Americans contemplate their future in the bathtub.  It is the one place that is accepted and people will leave you alone for 40 minutes while you have an escape in bubbles.

Sacred bathing has an ancient cross-cultural history, people from all around the globe use water to purify, relax and to connect to themselves and the Divine. Japan and Korea have community bathing and use it to connect with others. 

One of the most exciting things that has recently been discovered about water, a scientist named Dr Masuru Emoto exposed water to music, thoughts, words and intentions. He proved that water responds to our consciousness and actually changes structure and shape.  With hate and negativity the molecule became misshaped, asymmetrical and ugly.  With positive and love the water crystal became brilliant and shiny with lots of beautiful shape.  So what better way to project our intentions and words then on to water, so we can bathe in it and feel the ripple affect of positive intent.  A word to the wise, our human bodies are 70% water, so love yourself and speak kindly to yourself and let the healing begin.



It starts with recognizing the importance of taking time to clear and reconnect with yourself. Through ritual sacred bathing, you will discover how beautiful and powerful you are. In our, subscription box "GODDESS SPA BOX"  we provide you with a great selection of tools, crystals, candles, spiritual guidance and bath products to help you on your journey of sacred bathing. 

Think of every sacred bath as balancing the 5 elements: Earth, fire, water, air and spirit.  By grounding yourself and adding herbs and salts as well as journaling you represent the earth.  Air is represented by your prayer and setting of intentions. Water is represented as you fill your tub/shower. Fire is represented by our Soy Candles, and spirit is represented when you call in the Divine and your higher self. These sacred baths also engage your taste, touch, smell, hearing and site igniting all your senses which help you process the information, intentions and vibrations. Take time to think about the 5 elements and examine which element you most represent in your life and which is lacking.  Use the Ritual Sacred Baths to balance the elements in your life.


1. Set a time aside. Write in your planner a date and time. Disconnect to phone and internet.

2. Gather supplies: Use the Goddess Spa Box's candles, bath bombs, soaps, shower steamers, teas, chocolate, salts, music, pictures ect...

3. Prepare the area, cleaning and smudging

4. Prepare the people you live with DO NOT DISTURB for 20 minutes

5. Ground yourself with simple meditation that sends roots down to the earth from your feet and opens the crown chakra sending a golden light through your whole body.

6. Set an intention even if it is to be still and quiet. Notice your state of mind and well-being and see if it changes after your ritual bath.  Remember our intentions will attract what you want.  like attracts like.

7. Send loving intent and gratitude into the water and move slowly with intention.  Feel and smell and hear everything. Let the moment be easy and rejuvenating.

8. Invoke the 5 elements (earth, air, fire, water and spirit) ask that they find balance in yourself, in the bath and the world.

9. Stare into the flames and just be still or think of you intention and focus on what you want.  We have lost touch with our inner wild nature, and water can slow us down so that we can reconnect to our emotions and spirit.

10. Enjoy

11. A wonderful way to end a ritual sacred bath is with a cup of warm herbal tea.




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