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"The enlightened person who has not processed their emotional trauma is one of the most dangerous people on earth, because they can't see the toxicity of their behavioral choices and yet is totally free in that behavior.”

Continuing the journey of using the ying and yang of the moon cycles.

TheShiva Lingam stone in your box will help you balance your yin/yang inner self.  Bath with it often and hold it in all your morning meditations.   I find it to be most helpful stone!

This short article we will discuss the First Quarter Moon and the Gibbous.

The First Quarter Moon is a Yang phase, the position of the moon is midway in its waxing from the darkness of the new to the light of the full.

In this phase of the moon it is a time to take action, taking life into our own hands and shepherding our New Moon intention into tangible form. Up until this point we have been working with the phases creating dreams, clarifying feelings and identifying your intentions. This is the right time to make these dreams come into being not through working and pushing harder, but rather about becoming smarter in the way that we work.

In the past phase of the moon, the crescent moon, a yin phase make us slow down, think and really dig deep into who we are.  When I look at myself as a business owner, I see that I can spend a lot of time in yang. Rushing and running to get "stuff" done.  Rarely do I take time to sit and be still.  Working with these phases of the moon and brought a balance into inner being.  It is important to rest and it is important to think and proceed with discernment. 

You rested, you planned now it is time to look deeply into how to move forward.  Is that leaving a job, a relationship or starting a new career, relationship or just plain moving?  Look at your friendships.  Planting a garden, going out with friend more? Sometimes when I look at past friendships I can see the shadow of the person that clung to those unhealthy relationships and now I am so glad to have let them go to become who I am now.  Even though it hurt. 

This is your First Quarter Moon, so move with intention and purpose be smart in your actions.

GIBBOUS MOON PHASE almost to full moon.

The GIBBOUS moon yin phase that is a practice of being.  Allowing us to look deeply into your patterns, your friends and family and deal with the things that I call "the uglies" the pieces that we pretend not to see.  Dealing with your own shadow-self can be a scary thing, but necessary to get you to your new moon goals.  Remember you are worthy of what you want.  You just have to remember that!  Remember to say "no" and mean it, and saying "yes" and meaning it.

Studies have shown that a overwork and perfectionism lead to everything form diminishing performance to not being able to read facial expressions, to burnout, to being lost in the weeds of a project and unable to see the bigger picture.

Plan on starting your yin phase by slowing everything down.  Walk slowly, stay at home, reschedule appts. get a massage, journal and practice SELF CARE with early bed time, relaxing baths using the products from your SPA BATH BOX.  See where you can improve and expand into a better person and dump some shit that is holding you back!

this phase is about TRUSTING YOURSELF.  Cultivate this connection to yourself and build up your resilience and inner strength.  It is about not becoming comfortable with discomfort, but rather expanding your capacity to  be uncomfortable, as well as expanding your resilience and openness. Embrace all that is with an open heart.


Moon Blessings my friends, Kim


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