Magic of Crystals in the Bath

Here are some examples of the stone energy .
**Clear Quartz crystal you will receive a very positive energy. These crystals are open for any intent and a perfect crystal to begin with. 

**Amethyst is detoxifying and spiritually awakening,

**Rose Quartz is excellent for an emotional clean up and self love

**Carnelian builds inner strength and grounds your ideas, and really helps you process and move through the woes of the day.

**Citrine is a great stone to increase your prosperity and focus on your destiny.

**Sunstone is a stone I love to work with to bring light and happiness into my body

These examples are from my own intuition of how each stone works best for me. Explore these and other stones and let your intuition move you through how each stone can help you.

**Water is the most receptive thing on the planet. The molecules actually change when emotions are put into them. Dr Masaru Emoto wrote a book called "The Hidden Messages in Water" explaining this and showing pictures of how water molecules change with emotional intent, very interesting and eye opening. Now armed with this knowledge, you can add more positive energy to every day, to your body and change your life.

Adding positive intent to the water and food you consume is also another suggestion.  

Sit back and enjoy a soaking experience for about maximum of 20 minutes.

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