ONION HONEY COUGH SYRUP-Cold & Flu Remedies Part 3

Cold & Flu Remedies
Part 3
Natural cures that you can find in the Grocery store!
Do not go to the pharmacy to help your cold/flu instead GO TO the produce department.  YES, this is so easy, not as expensive and much better for you!!!!
As you can tell, I love using local, honey in my medicines.  Honey makes herbal remedies tasty for child and adults.  Honey has been used since the beginning of the discovery of the tasty stuff in medicines.  This is recipe is super simple and you can make it in a couple hours.
6-7 onions
rosemary or thyme (optional) 
How to make:
Chop up about 6 onions and put in a cooking pot, (I like to use a crock pot because it can cook with little worry and unattended). 
Cover the onions with honey, just enough so it barely covers the onions.  Let simmer for 2 hours.  Strain and bottle. 
HOW TO TAKE: 1 tsp of this tasty herbal syrup 4 x's a day at the first sign of cold or sore throat. The anti-bacterial properties of honey and onion will have you feeling better in no time.
HINT: I like to save my maple syrup glass jars and use them for my winter syrups.
Enjoy, Kim

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