Holiday Stress? Try this Bath

Baths are rejuvenating and healing for the body and mind and spirit.  I invite you to join myself and my daughter, Haley, in a year long journey where we will show you how to create a sacred space in your tub or shower.

You may be thinking.....What is the difference in taking a bathe and a ritual bath?  A bath with intention put into the creation of the it, is ritual in nature and require preparation and intention, making them a lot  more than just clean dirt away. 

The intentional ritual bath will feed your body mind and spirit, helping you balance your busy life with your internal need have private stillness, so you can reset, refresh and recharge.  I absolutely love doing this and we are excited to share some enchanting, fun and beautiful ways to enrich your life!

Citrus baths are very beneficial and doing them in the month of December and January , is absolutely one of the perfect times because though, December is a wonderful month with family, friends, a thousand parties and gift always a bit stressful and overwhelming as well.

Citrus bathing will help you clear your energetic body from negative energies, they will de-stress your mind and feed your body with Vit C.  Add a handful of Sea Salts and the salts will help achy muscles and the minerals will absorbed through your skin. 

Citrus is also full of antioxidants that prevent premature signs of aging, brighten, and tone skin.

Packed with the powerhouse of Vitamin C that hydrates, improves skins elasticity, reduces stress, and fights those little aging lines.  They also makes your skin feel wonderful while smelling delicious. 

Every January I incorporate citrus into my skin care rituals. One of my favorite ways to do this is with a citrus bath.


Light a Midnight Oil Soy candle  and play some relaxing music.

Savor your time.


1. Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime.  The amount and citrus combination          is up to you. (I usually use 1 lemon, 3 oranges and 1 grapefruit).

2.Cut in medium thickness

3. Midnight Oil Bath Bomb (your choice)

4. Midnight Oil Citrus Soaking Salts

5. 30 minutes to an hour

6. Add citrus slices to hot water in your tub, wait 10 minutes for the essential oils to release and then sink into the water and enjoy.

7. Take a few citrus slices and rub them all over your body!  This stimulates circulation and smells great!

8. You can reuse the slices for another bath, as long as it is within two of days of the last citrus bath.  Just put them in a glass bowl and leave them by your tub ( I do not bother to refrigerator them) .   I find they are more fragrant and work just as well. 

9. Compost your citrus slices or throw them out under a bird feeder the birds will nibble on them if it is a snowy cold winter.


 xo, Kim and Haley


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