SACRED SPACE~ Creating a Home Altar

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, everyone craves a sense of the sacred in their lives. We all crave sacred alone time, and having an altar in your home is a way to connect to the sacred and your spirituality on a daily basis. A daily place of peace.


            “That which is placed on the altar is altered.” ~Marianne Williamson

Altars have been used for millennia for sacred rituals, for religious ceremonies. Many people when they hear the word "altar" they think sacrificing to the gods, pagan ritual, cult....  I have had people ask me what kind of animal I sacrifice to the gods. It is always said in a snarky joking way, but with real undertones of fear and a lack of understanding of a true personal altar is. It is time to shift the energy about altars and learn how to create a personal sacred space.

  A home Altar is a perfect way to bring the sacred into your life.  It is a representation of your spirituality, beauty, spirit and reminds you to slow down and breathe.  It is simply an expression of your inner spiritual self. Basically your altar is an outer representation of your inner-self.  There is no right or wrong ways to do an altar.  It is a felt sense using your intuition.

Your altar, over time with regular pray, ceremony, meditation and intentional quiet the space will become aware and will positively altar your energy and mood just by walking by the altar or into the space.  It is my favorite thing to experience!


Find a space that is away from the hussle an bussle of the house hold.  It can be flat or raised surface.  Now collect items that bring joy, are sacred to you or represent yourself. 

Some traditions advice having items that represent the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, this is fun way to start, as you get going you will find your own creative voice in the creation of your altar.  Remember to see your altar as a changing and moving, just like life.  Change the items on your altar from time to time and freshen the intent. You will find this greatly rewarding.

suggested items:

Altar cloth to set everything on, Stones, Crystals, Shells, Candles, Goddess/God statues, candles, personal items, sage, palo santo, incense, flowers, little food for the gods, cushion to sit on, wrap to keep warm with, sacred text, pray beads, art work, divination cards, journal, photos.   Be creative and use your intuition (what feels right) to add and take away in your creation of an altar. 


Your altar can be simple or detailed, it is up to what you, it can be religious, pagan, earthy, witchy, or just something that feeds your soul and you like it's arrangement.

Start by setting your deity statue or something else for the center and begin arranging items around it.  Really take time to feel where things go.  Once you get started you will gain confidence and trust your intuition.  You may move the piece you chose for the center by the end of the arrangement.


A home altar is just decoration until it is used.  Through your intention, pray, chanting, and ritual  the items on the altar will be "feed" and programed to sacred space.  This in turn will "feed" you every time you walk by it, sit in the space or do ceremony there. I absolutely love walking into my altar space and feeling it calm my being and bringing me back into whole.  Awakening my sacred authentic self, which in turn re-wilds my soul!


During the warm months I create my sacred space outside. Do everything the same but think about weather when you place items on the outside altar.    It is a way that gets me outside and lets me enjoy the early morning.


These altars are temporary and taken down after a few days.  I like to add elements of the ceremony to my already created outside altar and then do ceremony outside during the warm months.  It is also fun to have participants bring items for the altar that either stay or not.  Ceremony Examples: Spring equinox, Summer solstice and Fall equinox or Full Moon.

In the end it is really just letting the sacred around you reflect the sacred within. Anything that brings you closer to the divine nature of your being is worth while spending time in. May this altar bring you peace, calm happiness and love. May it remind and help you stay connected to your intentions of your day and life.

Sacred living brings your inner world in balance with your outer world!

Blessings my friends, Kim

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