Sandal Season is Here!

                                THESE ARE NOT MY MOTHERS FEET!      


Summer is here and I always get nostalgic remembering my childhood.  My mom was a barefoot mom and her toes were wrinkly and her heels 5 inches thick (well that might be an exaggeration) of dry skin and deep cracks, that bled and hurt.

Even as a small child I thought: "My feet will never look like that!!!" Time clicks by and one day I looked at my feet and said "OMG I HAVE MY MOTHER'S FEET!". 

Thank you mom for giving me the gift of feeling the earth on my feet, never wearing shoes in the summer and freedom.  Now my gift to you and all my customers is a line of products to keep your feet soft, supple and beautiful while still running barefoot and wild.

So I hit the books, put an intention out and made some great products.


1.Relax we have you covered.  Grab an iced drink, fill a pan (big enough for both feet) with warm water, add fresh rose petals or any fresh herb you wish, some Epson or sea salts (or both) , and a few drops of essential oil.  Add a TBS of vinegar or sliced lemons for a detox. Put your feet in and relax for 15 minutes.  Maybe even do a facial while relaxing.

2. We recommend our Midnight Oil's Detox and Purify Black soap. Wash your feet with this soap and feel the goodness!

3. Now the fun part,  Midnight Oil's SUGAR SCRUBBY SQUARE. Pick from our delightful scents and use half a square per foot.  This scrub will exfoliate and add moisture to your feet. Take your time with each foot, do this with intention and thank each foot for carrying you through life.

4. Pat dry each foot with a soft towel. Everything about this experience is loving and gentle. 

5. We recommend using Midnight Oil's SHOWERS END a solid lotion bar, this is one of our favorites. It will sooth and moisturize your feet. Rub the bar into your cuticles, heels, and the top and bottom of your feet.  Why not even go all the way up your leg?


*Midnight Oil's PEPPERMINT FOOT BALM is perfect for a daily moisturizer and beautiful heels! 

* Midnight Oil's BODY BUTTER is a nice thick lotion for the summer.  If you would like a little lighter lotion try our Midnight Oil's GOURMET SQUEEZE LOTION.

*Midnight Oil's GOAT MILK SOAP is luxurious and adds moisture to the skin.  By adding goat milk it lowers the pH of the soap so that it is almost identical to the skins pH.  This allows the skin to retain it's natural oils and maintain a healthy barrier to the elements. Goat Milk Soap is gentle and Midnight Oil offers a huge variety of scents.


Share this gift with a friend, spouse or even think bridal showers or a birthday parties. Send me pictures and we can share your adventures on my Midnight Oil Soap FaceBook (FB) page and Instagram!


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