Absolutely one of my favorite soaks is a Seaweed Bath!  It improves sleep, relaxes and refreshed , improves circulation, detoxes your body,  and the minerals contained in seaweed help the skin retain moisture, pumps and tightens skin and your inner mermaid will rejoice!   It is sheer bliss and brings the rejuvenating healing of the ocean right into your tub.  I highly recommend you give this a try.

The Irish have been bathing in fresh steamed seaweed since the 12th century and many other coastal cultures have done the same thing.

The first time I sank into a steaming tub of seaweed, I really did not know what to expect.  But my inner Mermaid did,  she sunk deep into the water and let the seaweed and salt work its magic.  I began to feel myself start to sweat which detoxed my body and opened my pores to soak in the mineral rich water. I slept like a baby that night!

Hot water opens pours and allows the minerals to absorb and your body release toxins. Seaweed contains minerals essential for skin health, it plumps and firms up the skin, improves elasticity and give your body and mind a great reset.  These minerals help your skin stay hydrated and I recommend taking a seaweed baths a two times a month. Always end your bath with a cool shower or by adding cold water to your tub.  This locks in the mineral rich, moisturizing goodness into your skin, by closing your pores.

Use any kind of seaweed I prefer the big flakes Kombu whole Flake (pictured below)  , Dulse whole leaf  , Irish Bladderwrack. because I like to lay the seaweed all over my body and face for extra benefits of it's slimy goodness!  You can use ground seaweed, but  If you do,  then it is best to put the seaweed in a mess bag. (This is protect your drain and pipes.) Depending on the seaweed you may have a brown water, the above green water is by using a Midnight Oil Bath Bomb!!! 

Always Add some salts to help with achy muscles and add to the sea experience!

Celtic Sea Salt

Pacific Sea Salt

1. Fill tub with very hot water and let the seaweed (see above links for seaweed ) steep in the hot bath tub water for 10 minutes.  Check the temperature before stepping in and adjust temperature as needed so it is comfortable for you.

2 Or fill a bowl with steaming water and let the seaweed sit for 2 hours or overnight.  This will hydrate the seaweed, add the water and seaweed to hot tub water

3. add Salt (above links)

4. you will need 45 minutes....soak and sweat and let your body detox

5.For extra benefits lay the seaweed on your body and face!  You will feel like you are at the ocean for sure!

6. end with a cool shower or add cool water to the tub.  This closes the pores and keeps all the mineral rich, moisturizing goodness locked into your skin.

7. Seaweed can be used twice.


Happy Bathing, Kim

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