• A hot bath regenerates your soul and rekindles your metabolic fires.
  • Flowers are the most passionate expression of nature.  The violet, ya that one in your grass, will bloom in the spring simply for the joy of blooming, their reproductive blooms happen mid-summer and are under the leaves.  WOW!! LET'S ALL BE VIOLETS!
  • Everyone I know has a pot of flowers on their porch or a few roses in a garden bed.  Plants are generous with their compassion and enjoy helping you remove negative energy and rejuvenate your soul!
  • HOW TO DO IT: use your intuition and if you want something more concrete I have a list below of flower and what they do.  You need at least 12 flower, one of our bathbombs, or soaking salts and some time to relax.
  • 1. drop the bomb or salt into the water
  • 2. add flowers
  • 3. add yourself
  • take this time to reconnect to how complete and whole you are!
  • Chamomile  soothes skin, relieves pain and provides relief from insect bites.
  • Dandelion flowers renew your skin and will drive away the winter blues.

  • Eucalyptus opens your lungs and helps you breathe.

    Grated ginger enhances bloodflow to all parts of your body.

    Hops relieve insomnia and will leave you sleepy.

    Lavender calms your nerves and rejuvenates your skin.

    Linden flowers aid in relaxation and could stifle a cold before it takes hold.

  • Lotus Flower: Softens skin and reduces anxiety.
  • Meadowsweet relieves sore muscles and improves your mood.

    Mint stimulates and heals your skin.

    Orange blossoms aid in relaxation and lower blood pressure.

  • Orchid: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles and contains antioxidant propertie

  • Parsley heals bruises.
  • Peony: Tones skin.
  • Rose petals relax your body and refresh your skin after a long day.

    Rosemary promotes relaxation, boosts circulation

    Sage prevents stiff, sore muscles after a workout.

    Stinging nettle promotes circulation and heals aching joints.

  • Sweet Jasmine: Enhances and uplifts mood

    A word of caution: A hot bath also lowers your blood pressure, so avoid it if yours is already low; otherwise, it may leave you weak and faint. This may lead to the belief that a hot bath is a remedy for high blood pressure, and this is true—but the effect doesn't last. A cold shower, on the other hand, spikes your blood pressure for a few seconds but lowers it in the long run. If you have heart failure or any kind of heart problem, you should avoid hot baths due to the fluid pressure the water exerts on your chest, which can trigger or escalate heart failure. A warm half bath (where the water rises only to your navel) is a good alternative.

  • —Sebastian Kneipp, one of the founders of the Natural Medicine movement and father of hydrotherapy, said that a hot bath a week is a pleasure, but a hot bath every day will weaken your system. Like eating a slice of cake, taking a hot bath is a treat, but bathing in hot water regularly puts you at an increased risk for developing a disease because it reduces your good brown fat. Never immerse yourself in extremely hot bathwater and always end your hot bath with a short cold shower or gush, starting with your feet, followed by your hands, face, and then your whole body.

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