THE FIFTH SEASON a little known fact

 The FIFTH SEASON is the transition into the fall.  We still are blessed with warm days but the mornings and evenings are cooler and our daylight is slipping away. Not summer and not fall a time of in-between a time of transition. If you think about it, this season really does have its own distinct feel.  You may recognize this season by its other name, INDIAN SUMMER.   It offers a distinct shift from the Yang, fire of spring and the busyness of summer to the Yin of late summer, a more reflective and slowing down of your inner body. You may feel tired or exhausted, this is just your body telling you it is a time to slow down and nourish your body. The colors of this season are yellow and orange and the taste is slightly sweet.  Some of the herbs you can use to nourish your body with this time of year are: Shatavari (asparagus racemosus), Licorice (glycyrryhize flabra, Astragalus Membrancaceaus), Oatstraw (avena sativa)  all are slightly sweet and nourishing, working with our nervous system as well as helping our body adapt to the changing season both mentally and physically.

The element of the FIFTH SEASON is Earth.  A very grounded and deeply balanced, nurturing, calm and reflective energy.  Is it not surprising that it affects our bodies as well? It is an easy time to get out of balance with the body in this season.  Some symptoms of being out of balance are:  You may feel run down, tired and your mind is busy as a bee from your hard work of summer.  How to get back into balance is using the element of this season Earth, and work on grounding yourself and incorporating rest and reflection on the year. It may be the perfect time to start a journal.  So, as we await the "real" fall.  We also experience school starting and routines coming back in order.  So to be able to find balance and rest, I find making list and planners of things to do really help me find my calm.  I nourish my body with fresh foods, herbs and warm soups.  I find it helpful to start a 30 day yoga challenge and spend time in meditation.  It is important to honor your body and mind and thank  your body and mind  for keeping up with the busyness of summer.

Knowing and understanding the Fifth Season is your gateway to balance. When these Indian summers begin I feel a great "ahhhh" and want to fill my days with comfort, rest and good friends.  May you replenish yourself with this knowledge and find your balance.

I hope you enjoyed this little post and found it helpful.

Your friendly goddess, Kimberley











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