VINEGAR GARLIC HONEY~Cold & Flue Relief Part 2

                                             VINEGAR GARLIC HONEY

                                                 Cold &Flue Relief Part 2


Natural cures that you can find in the Grocery store!
Do not go to the pharmacy to help your cold/flu instead GO TO the produce department.  YES, this is so easy, not as expensive and much better for you!!!!


What the heck is an OXYMEL???? Well it is an easy medicine you can make for your family.  Oxymel is a combination apple cider vinegar and honey with herbs to make a medicine.  It was developed in the 1800's and is very effective and delicious.  Eat a clove when you feel like you are getting sick or crush one and spread on toast.  Personally I snack on them when I am feeling like I am starting to get sick and I am guilty of just eating them daily.


APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: use organic varieties. Adds nutrition to your body and aids with digestion.

GARLIC CLOVE: antioxidant, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties to cancer-fighting and immune-boosting activity. Due to its healing properties, raw garlic has been used as a medicinal plant to prevent — and in some cases treat or even heal — various health complaints.

HONEY-LOCAL: adds great flavor as well as immune boosting properties and soothing to sore throats.



PART ONE this medicine is done in a two part process

You will need about 8-10 heads of garlic.  Take these heads and pull the cloves off and peel the individual cloves.  HINT: it is easiest to peel by cutting the tip off that has the hard end (not the pointed end) off and peel the rest of the clove.

Fill a wide mouth canning pint jar with garlic cloves, then add organic Apple Cider Vinegar.  Leaving about 1/2 inch head space. HINT: use the plastic canning jar lids you can find in the canning department or on Amazon.  They do not corrode like the rings and lids. You can also purchase them on Amazon.

Let this jar sit for a month.

Hint: If the garlic cloves are really fresh they will turn very light green or blue. No worries, it is just a chemical reaction that happens with young garlic.


After the garlic vinegar combination has sat for one month, now you get to make more magic!  Begin by pouring out the vinegar into a glass and set aside. 

Measure 1 cup honey into a cooking pot and place over medium heat. When the honey begins to warm, add 1 cup of the garlic vinegar.  (Save the remaining vinegar for salad dressing).  Keep heating on the stove until the honey and vinegar is warmed and blended together nicely.  

Keeping garlic in the pint jar, now pour the heated, vinegar and honey mix over the top of garlic. Place lid on and let it sit 2 more weeks. After this amount of time it is ready to eat. 

I always grow extra in my garden to make medicine with and cook with.  A fun thing to do is braid the soft neck varieties and give as gifts and keep one for yourself.





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