DEEP SLEEP ( Magnesium Lavender Bath Bomb)
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DEEP SLEEP ( Magnesium Lavender Bath Bomb)

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DEEP SLEEP~Magnesium Lavender Bath Bomb

Relax in a nice hot tub with this soothing, magnesium rich bath bomb. These Bath Bombs are extra large.

Just before bed take a hot bath and drop this bomb into the water.  Let the Epsom salt soothes your muscles and the magnesium absorb into your body educing a nice deep sleep.  The aroma of Lavender will relax tension and Eucalyptus will ease sore and tired muscles.  This bomb is topped with a bubble frosting.


SIZE: 1 BATH (8oz bombs)

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Non GMO Citric Acid (food grade), Organic Coconut Oil, Magnesium, Epsom Salts Fragrance Oil (phthalate free), Himalayan Pink Salt.


*Simply drop the bath bomb into your bath water and watch it fizz and release a wonderful ingredience!

**Please use caution when getting out of bath tub after using this product; moisturizing oils released from the bath bomb may make the bath tub slippery**

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