About Us

I'm Kim, the owner and artisan of Midnight Oil Soap.  I love what I do and it shows in every product put forth.  I create all my own recipes and make all my own products.  Production is done on the days the store is closed. When asked how I come up with new recipes, it's like this:  I keep a pen and paper by my bed because most recipes are created in 'dream time' and then I wake up with the recipe in my head and write them down while still fresh in my mind.  It is kinda crazy, but I do come up with the most amazing recipes!

I live with my family on a small farm just outside of Walla Walla, Washington.     Why the name “Midnight Oil”?  I started my business in 1996.   I ended up working mainly at night and into the wee hours of the morning, while my small children slept, burning the midnight oil.  I began with $20.00 and the loving support of friends and family. 

As a child I remember that my sense of smell was very attuned to my environment. At a young age I realized that most people did not experience the world as I did, through my sense of smell. As a soap maker I have used this ability to create scents that will delight and surprise you. My scent combinations are masterfully blended to create a sense of wonder, happiness, peace and nostalgia. Smell is the most powerful memory trigger, and when people start to smell my soaps they soon are wide-eyed and exclaim pure joy and astonishment as each bar goes to their nose. After one shower/bath you will also discover the quality of the soap in lather and cleansing.

Each goat in my herd is gently milked once a day. They are healthy and happy goats who are very spoiled.  It is very important to me to use 100% natural ingredients - no petroleum products or harmful, unnatural preservatives or ingredients. I have been studying medicinal herbs for 20 years and have incorporated an Herbal Apothecary line of products, adding many healing herbal infusions into my products. My goal is to provide a wonderful, all natural, handcrafted, healing alternative to what you find in today’s market.

In 2012, I decided to open a brick and mortar and stop traveling around like a gypsy.  In 2013, I landed my dream location at 50 1/2 E Main Street in Walla Walla (part of the old Liberty Theatre).  This had been a spot I had wanted from the start of my business.  The store is only 127 square feet, like a big closet, but it is delightful and a perfect fit for my products.  I have been able to expand my lines to include a Natural Deodorant, Face Care Line, Spa Soap, Natural Sunscreen.  We have jewelry, sage, handcrafted brooms, bath bombs, lotions,and so much more.  I absolutely love what I do!   With my faithful dog Pookey helping to greet customers, the shop is open Friday and Saturday from 10:00 - 5:00 and during the summer months we are open Sundays from 11-3. (hours vary in winter and early spring)  During my closed time you can find me creating products, sipping tea, petting my dogs and goats, and hanging out with my husband and kids.

My products are as diverse as the people on this planet. I use many types of herbs, natural earth pigments and scents to create a beautiful, artisan handcrafted product. To me beauty is as personalized as the flowers and herbs in my garden.

Using my products, you will find your authentic beautiful self!

Sudsily yours, Kim (your friendly soap goddess)